ʻAi (Food) Access – Sign Up Here Today!

Friends, we have been looking for ways to continue improving access to healthy food for those in our community.  A couple of different ideas have been discussed and, although we do not have a programmatic system of addressing this in a way that delivers the spirit of Hoa ʻĀina O Mākaha at this moment, we wanted to take our first step and get something started in a grassroots fashion, reaching out to our friends, partners, and community members.  As produce nears its peak for harvest, we will contact all individuals who have registered with us to share the fruit or vegetable that will be available  for pick up the following week, along with its price.  You simply call, text, or email us to let us know how much you would like and when you will stop by for pick up.  Itʻs that easy:)  The fruits and vegetable that will be available at various times throughout the year and their current prices are as follows:

Lettuce $2/lb.

Pak Choi $1.50/lb.

Eggplants $1.50/lb.

Zucchini $1.00/lb.

Cucumbers $1.00/lb.

Chard $1.50/lb

Won Bok $1.50/lb.

Kalumungay $4/lb.

Tomatoes $2.00/pint

Papayas $1.00/lb.

Bananas $1.00/lb.

Starfruit $1.00/lb.

Sweet Basil $1/bunch

Thyme $1/bunch

Rosemary $1/bunch

Sage $1/bunch

Lemongrass $4/lb

Curry Leaf $4/lb

If interested, please leave a voice message or text Merri at (808) 497-9030 or email HoaAinaOMakaha@gmail.com.  Please provide your name and preferred method of contact and contact information.