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Aloha, we would like to share some thoughts with you to say thank you for your support and friendship.


The activities that compose the days at Hoa’Aina are like the small pieces of a giant mosaic. When we look at a mosaic, we look at the big picture, and that is fine, but very rarely do we observe the little pieces. If we study them one by one, it will take long time but we know that each one of them is important. Without each of the tiny pieces, the mosaic would not be complete. Every day we add, refine, invent some new small pieces to the big picture of Hoa’Aina.

The artists of this mosaic are mainly the children.
600 from Makaha elementary supported by wonderful, energetic teachers,
6,000 students from other schools who come to visit the farm and feel that this is the best fieldtrip they ever had.

They create the pieces of the mosaic
…when they chant before entering the farm knowing that is a special place,
…when they plant,
…when they hold the seeds and the seedlings in their hands to give them energy, before planting,
…when they lay the seeds in the ground and say ”goodnight seeds” to them,
…when they pull those weeds and with pride they look at their garden with new eyes,
…when they harvest more than 3,000 pounds of vegetables like these past few months,
…when they take home these vegetables to be cooked and eaten,
…when they visit the animals and express their joy with laughter and screams, watching the reactions of those animals they feed and observe,
…when they raise their eyes in awe of the beauty of the land they care for.

The other artists of this mosaic are the parents who participate in the “Caring for the Land” days.
They come to support their children- between 50 and 70 at the time.
They create very special pieces of the mosaic that are shaped by working with their children.
Unique pieces molded by deep love.

More artists are the ones who come to visit Hoa’Aina
People from different countries with whom we exchange experiences as we learn from each other.
People from Italy, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia…..
People from our community who gather for our Open House –last May more than 1,000.
Friends who come together for special celebration like this past December 5, for a “Sharing of
the Light” to remember those loved ones who passed away.
People who come to give a hand and feel that Hoa’Aina is part of their life too.
People from various foundations and organizations whose generosity allows us to engage all.
The artists with their support, their help, their friendship, their ideas, their commitment, their example.

And finally there are the daily composers at Hoa’Aina:
Our staff, the Board of directors, the Administration and Teachers at Makaha Elementary.
They are very special because they are the ones who know that to create a mosaic,
…we need a vision and a dream,
…we need the right tools and the right people who know how to use them in order to make the mosaic visible and meaningful,
…we need the right place, a beautiful area’,
…we need people with heart, humbleness and sense of humor to explain this mosaic,
…we need people with patience and great compassion to continually improve it.

We are lucky to have all of these people at Hoa’Aina!

If you read these thoughts to the end, you are a special artist-friend who is working with all of us to make this MOSAIC THAT IS HOA’AINA , a reality

from all of us at Hoa’Aina o Makaha

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