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IMG_20150521_174755Container Garden Program The Container Garden Program is designed to teach community members and families how to connect back to the food they are eating by growing it themselves. The workshops are free, we provide all the materials to start and maintain your own garden at home in pots. Pots allow for easy care and are great because of their ability to be mobile and they take up little space. Caring and nurturing a plant, watching it grow and eventually preparing it for dinner is one of the most fulfilling things one can be a part of and it is such a great activity for families to do together. Click here for more info.

IMG_20150521_175942 Hale Hoʻomaluhia (The Peace Center) The Peace Center is a conference/retreat center that provides a place where people from different countries and diverse cultures can begin to bridge the distances that separate us, wether it is physical miles, or racial, political and socio-economics beliefs. Click here for more info.

IMG_20150521_172316Ke Ala Program – Visiting Schools The Learning Center came into existence in 1996 as part of the Na Keiki O Ka ʻĀina program. Ke Ala is a classroom without walls that is reaching over 4,000 students a year. It has provided students from all over Oʻahu, both private and public schools the opportunity to learn through hands-on activities to respect the land, and to become aware of the delicate relationship between humans and their environment. Click here for more info.

IMG_0161Na Keiki O Ka ʻĀina – Children of The Land It was 1987 when the principal of Mākaha Elementary, Hazel Sumile approached Gigi. “Would you like to work with all of the students of Mākaha Elementary?” She asked. So Na Keiki O Ka ʻĀina (The Children of the Land) was born! Since then, all the students from Mākaha Elementary have been part of the program. Click here for more info.