Ke Ala Program – Visiting Schools

The Learning Center came into existence in 1996 as part of the Na Keiki O Ka Aina program. Ke Ala is a classroom without walls that is reaching over 4,000 students a year. It has provided students from all over O’ahu, both private and public schools the opportunity to learn through hands-on activities to respect the land, and to become aware of the delicate relationship between humans and their environment. The Learning Center offers 2 curricula to visiting schools:

General Farm Tour – focuses on plant and animal life cycles.
Hawaiiana Tour – for upper grade level students. Explore the voyages of Polynesians, their traditions, the kinds of plants they brought with them and how they used them. Each tour is approximately 2 1/2 hours in duration.

For more information or to book a tour for your school, please call the Hoa Aina office @ 808-695-8978 or email

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