Mālama Mākaha Container Garden Workshop PT.2

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Title: Mālama Mākaha Container Garden Workshop PT.2
Location: Hoa ʻĀina O Mākaha
Description: Mālama Mākaha Container Garden workshops resume on February 11, 2017 with each workshop consisting of 3 parts. Workshops scheduled for 2017 are as follows:

February 11 (9AM-11AM), February 18, (9AM-11AM), February 24 (6PM-7:30PM)
April 8 (9AM-11AM), April 15 (9AM-11AM), April 21 (6PM-7:30PM)
June 10 (9AM-11AM), June 17 (9AM-11AM), June 23 (6PM-7:30PM)
August 12 (9AM-11AM), August 19 (9AM-11AM), August 25 (6PM-7:30PM)
October 7 (9AM-11AM), October 14 (9AM-11AM), October 20 (6PM-7:30PM)
December 9 (9AM-11AM), December 16 (9AM-11AM), December 22 (6PM-7:30PM)

Mālama Mākaha Container Garden Workshops are offered six times throughout the year to teach families how to grow their own organic produce in container gardens, increasing access to healthy foods within households. Participants receive all materials to start their garden free of cost, including containers, soil, organic fertilizers, and seeds. During these workshops, participants will receive an introduction to container gardening: create their own container garden, plant vegetable seedlings, learn about pest control, soil health, and planting seeds, and also learn harvesting and cooking techniques.

To register for any of our Mālama Mākaha Container Garden Workshops, please call us at (808) 695-8978 or email HoaAinaOMakaha@gmail.com. Please provide your name and a phone number or email address at which we may contact you to provide further details.

Start Time: 09:00
Date: 2017-02-11
End Time: 11:00

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