Hoa ʻĀina O Mākaha is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit educational program.

It started in 1979 on an abandoned 5 acres of land owned by the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu. In 1979, an alternative learning center called the Wai’anae RAP Center was based on this land. High School students from Waiʻanae and Nānākuli, who were not able to function in a regular classroom environment, came to the land to learn how to care about themselves through the caring of the land using traditional Hawaiian values.

logoThe program since has expanded to different projects guided by the Hoa ʻĀina mission statement:

“Creating Peaceful Communities in Harmony with Nature,
through the Eyes, Hands and Hearts of the Children”

Since the beginning Hoa ʻĀina O Mākaha, “Land Shared in Friendship,” has centered its focus on supporting family, community self-reliance and peace making on the Waiʻanae Coast. The Farm, as it is known lovingly by community residents, is a place where dreams have become a reality by developing a barren piece of land into an educational resource center.

Together with the children of our community, Hoa ʻĀina helps to rediscover the Hawaiian culture, the love for the land, and the love for each other and for the world.

This Place
Written by our good friend and former Garden Teacher, Tami Gandt

This Place is Peace.

When I feel stormy, I breathe deeply her fragrant air
And my troubles disappear.
The tripping of my heart steadies as I watch the gentle trembling
Of the kalo as a breeze whispers by.

This Place is Aloha.

When I walk her paths I hear the tinkling of childrenʻs laughter.
I hear the wonder in their voices as they learn the secrets
She holds patiently for each child to discover.
I feel her love.

This Place is ʻĀina.

She feeds our soul and gently lifts our spirits to new heights.
Together with her we have all made a difference big or small.
In touching the lives of the children that walk her paths each day.

This Place is Hoa ʻĀina O Mākaha.